Mapping the UAS Technician Landscape

Long before educators and trainers can hope to impart the knowledge and skills necessary for educating UAS technicians, they must first accurately identify the requisite technician skills in order to build meaningful curriculum.  Since most educators are not full-time practitioners in the industry, how is it they are able to know these skills and knowledge? … More Mapping the UAS Technician Landscape

Welcome to the Undiscovered Country

Shakespeare’s Hamlet spoke of the Undiscovered Country sometime in the 16th century, along with Klingon Chancellor Gorkon (Star Trek VI) sometime in the 23rd century, in their fictional accounts of the Future: the Undiscovered Country.  For us here in the reality of the 21st century, the Undiscovered Country took flight on Friday Sept 23, 2016 when … More Welcome to the Undiscovered Country

Autonomous Everything

Since starting this UASTEC project, I’m becoming more and more aware how intrusive this new autonomous navigation technology is becoming in disrupting our lives.  Don’t take that statement as a negative one.  By disrupting, I mean changing the way we will do things we take for granted today.  For example, the simple act of driving … More Autonomous Everything